NAVEEN MINERAL & CHEMICALS are involved in Mineral trading for close customers in India and Far Eastern Countries. NMC is very actively involved in Mineral Exploration like Bauxite, Bentonite and all type of Ores.

Besides this, NMC is also actively involved in Pharmaceuticals, Manufacturing, Research and other Chemical projects. NAVINYA INTERNATIONAL PVT. LTD. is purely set up for facilitating International trade for our Clients and also for Global Trading.

Due to Company's nexus with regards to Commodities, NIPL is working on various projects and ventures for Trading of Commodities for our specific customers.

NIPL have also been awarded to closely liase with one of their Clients (M/S. Simtra International) New mines acquiring Projects in Indonesia to name a few.

NIPL tied up Joint Venture with offices being opened in Singapore and Indonesia for Mining Operation and Sales of Coal which will be likely starting from 2014.

NIPL is open to all our customers for L/C Financing, with back up support of freight and other logistics support.

Through L/C Facilities in existing Market, NIPL is giving the best form of Business Proposals to effectively complete the Buying and Selling Transaction with most competitive Proposals.

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