Naveen Transport Co. (NTC) was started by Mr. Badaram Mali in 1994, now a reputed transport company in existence for about two decades.

NTC is engaged in movement of raw materials / finished goods for well known companies. Mali family members are well experienced in the transport business.

The company is incorporated to maximize the benefits of their experience in the field of movement of cargo by road and water transport.

The cargo include mainly limestone, clinker, coal, coke, concrete products, cement in bags etc. These vessels can also be used to transport edible cargo like rice, wheat etc. However, the demand of industrial cargo is good and hence the company has not ventured into transportation of food items. The company enjoys confidence of all the Major reputed clients (which includes Cement/Clinkers, Steel Plants and other major Commodity Buyers and Sellers)

A number of other industrial units are presently exploring the option of transporting the raw materials / finished goods along the coast as it is substantially cheaper when compared with rail / road transport. At present, 16 ships are operating in these sectors catering to the ever increasing demand. Out of these, the company has already established a near monopoly by employing about 13 vessels.

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